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The Story behind Flor Leyva

Our Story

Flor Leyva was founded by Flor Leyva, the person behind this real estate agency located in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende.
Flor Leyva

Flor Leyva

Flor Leyva

Flor grew up in the beautiful city of Querétaro. Her training began by successfully participating in declamation contests at the state level. She was part of a theater, oratory and declamation club. She practiced horse riding since she was little, learned to live with dogs and horses at a young age. Now she is a faithful defender of animals.

She changed her residence to Celaya where she raised a family and on special dates offered her house for charity bazaars. This is where she realized that she had the ability to negotiate and sell. She continued practicing sports such as gymnastics and golf, of which to date she is an adorer and a faithful participant in most local tournaments.

National Relationships

In 2001 she changed her residence to the city of Aguascalientes and for 2 years she participated in all the regional tournaments. That is how she began to interact with people from cities such as San Luis Potosí, Juriquilla, Morelia, QuerĂ©taro, Irapuato, León, Salamanca, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Zacatecas, among others. In addition to winning several trophies in the most important tournaments, even at the national level, she obtained prizes such as: cars, watches, jewelry, equipment, Golf bags, trips, Green fees for other courses, etc.

Flor Leyva
Flor Leyva

Real Estate Professional

In Aguascalientes in mid-December 2002, Flor attended a Real Estate Professionals event where topics that turned out to be of all her interest were discussed, coinciding with the fact that she had been invited to collaborate in a real estate agency. This is when she decided to embrace the real estate business and after intensive training during several months, she debuted by making her first real estate sale.

Real Estate Portfolio

Flor, has been clear about her sales skills and ability to persuade. She knows how to negotiate on a win-win basis with her potential clients. Thanks to her notorious experience, it is easy to trust her. In 10 months she has managed to list an impressive portfolio of new or pre-owned properties (a little more than 100).

Flor Leyva
Flor Leyva

Since 2003

At the end of 2003 Flor opened hher own Flor Leyva Properties Real Estate Agency in Aguascalientes. She installed her offices in the El Cilindro Shopping Center on Av. Aguascalientes corner with Av. Independencia. This was done because of the privileged commercial area in the North Zone of the City, very close to the two golf clubs and all the important subdivisions such as: El Campestre, La Herradura, Los Bosques, El Campanario, La Concepción, Rinconada Los Bosques, Jardines del Campestre, among others.

Successful Results

The most attractive properties for sale, whether they are residences or land, have led Flor Leyva Properties to accomplish very satisfactory results.

Flor Leyva
Flor Leyva

Great Referrals

The same selling owners have come to ask for Flor at her office to request that their property be part of the agency's select portfolio of properties. This is how she became acquainted with the first investor. From there, she began to manage a series of operations that gave her great results, including industrial warehouses, commercialland, among many other projects.

Positive Growth

The number of agents in the offices grew – all of them carefully selected – to represent the work of Flor Leyva. These individuals began their successful career as Professional Real Estate Agents who now work independently with very good results. On more than one occasion, having shared a business between them and Flor (an encouraging situation for her), she began to offer employment to several families who now have a wonderful and very decent source of income.

Always up-to-date, with various diplomas, line-ups, training sessions, it is very easy for Flor to close operations in any field and with the most experienced agencies.

Flor Leyva
Flor Leyva

San Miguel de Allende

Back in Guanajuato, as of 2019, Flor's beloved activity begins in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende. Having to adapt to the change that this means, she certified in a 7-week course at KW Alamos in the city of Querétaro. She also took the International Luxury Certification with Michael Lafido in Mazatlán, as well as courses in Real Estate Marketing. Flor's concern for professional updating has been constant in her life because it has given her great results throughout the 18 years of her real estate career.

If you are thinking about a property that you are interested in acquiring or putting up for sale, you can be sure that with Flor Leyva, at Flor Leyva, you will be in the best hands!

Our Foundations

The backbone of our company.


To offer a comprehensive and ethical real estate advice focused on people. We seek that each client's buying or selling process to be both simple and satisfactory.


To be the real estate agency with the highest customer satisfaction index in the city of San Miguel de Allende.

Our Core Values


We listen and attend to the specific needs of each of our clients.


We know that the success of each listing depends on teamwork and that the customer is part of it.


We are always available and present progress with full transparency.


We focus on obtaining results in the shortest time and best price possible (as faithful defenders of your heritage we are extraordinary negotiators), without setbacks.